How To Make Money From Event

How to change lives and also make big money from events. If you are a coach, if you are a thought leader, if you are a speaker, you are an author, there's nothing more powerful than conducting your own events. 

Now, listen, I've been in the coaching Consulting space for 15 years. Now, I've done hundreds of events. 

I don't mean speaking on someone else's stage. I mean, my own events. I made all the mistakes. You can think of mistake. That you could not even think of now. 

Recently, one of my mentees and also, Going to 100 members gave could be just finished his three-day event. 

Isn't he generated over 1.4 million dollars u.s. Dollars from his 3th country in India. There's like ten million dollars USA. Because the average annual income in India is only two to three thousand dollars. 

So, think about it. What is more powerful that you could get together and gather your best clients? Your best prospects in a room online or off? 

Provide incredible experience. At the same time, make offers for your products, and services and have them, love you for it. 

And then they walk away, transform. What is more powerful than that? There's nothing skills. Trust faster. 

Now, when it comes to events, a lot of people, they think. Well, you know, I need to do these massive events, you know, it's 100. People is 500 people. It's 1,000 people. 

Those are nice. But when it comes to you, Is not about quantity. It's about quality. 

Qualify other people and that's in the room or tuning in to zoom or tuning in through your virtual event. That's the key. 

So, think about this. Let me walk you through this. Let's say, do an event for 20 people, but out of 20 people. 

They are less a dentist. You are selling 100K offer. Well, you don't need to sell a lot of those other those 20 people if only three of them is your offer right there. That's 100 K times 3. Well, that's 300K. 

Not bad from a single event. Now, there are many types of events. They could be a half of the event. 

Nowadays, you see a lot of these online challenges, which is an online virtual event. Also, they could be boot camps. Don't get too hung up on the types of events that you do. I walk you through kind of a process, but for now, I understand you don't need a massive audience to do very well. 

In fact, if you are just starting out, I recommend Start small start with small audience and test your presentations. You test your delivery, your test, your curriculum.

So let me walk you through this when it comes to an event, the biggest mistake that I see seminar leaders and speakers. 

Big is this they teach too much. They believe the hey if I cram so much information in there, if I cram so much information in those few days. They Appreciate it. Let me show them how smart I am, and then naturally, they will want to do business with me. 

Naturally. They would want to buy my high-end programs on my coaching programs, or my my services. 

No, that's not how you should do. This is why your event is not as profitable as you wanted to be. 

So I want you to think about when you conduct any kind of event, think about this, it's very simple. 

You have before. During and after and almost all thought leaders speakers they focus on this. 

What is happening during the event. What is going on? What's going to be? My offer was going to be my my content? Right? 

Am I going to have different guest speakers? You shouldn't just focus on that to monetize your event. 

Well, to make wildly successful in the think about before during and after. So let me explain days, weeks, months before the event as your market again. 

Getting people to the event registering that's one thing. But then how do you get them to actually show up to the event? That's a whole other thing. 

So before the event, what could you do to create maximum engagement? Because an Engaged person is more likely to convert it. Could you put them in a Facebook group just for Event. 

So that the audience could engage with each other. I have a ton. Could you put them in your telegram or a WhatsApp group, some sort of group, so they could engage, and then what you do is you start marketing the bed, to the people who have already registered. 

Almost no one does this. So example, let's say, if you have some famous keynote speakers, that would be speaking film a video with them and then you drop it into that telegram group or the Facebook group. Could you create anticipation? 

Oh, wow. I'm looking forward to this. Hey, you know what? We are going to have this segment at the upcoming event. That's going to teach you how to do a b c and d and solve these problems for. 

You. See. Now before the event. The emotion of the audience is already here. You're building up so much anticipation. Just like a movie before you go watch the movie. 

Have you ever had the experience comment below, right? You're so excited. You watch the trailer. Oh my God, can't wait to watch it. And then when you go to watch the action movie, like, it's only. Okay, but the trailer was so freaking awesome, but action will be not so good. 

Now, I'm not saying you shouldn't make your event awesome. You should absolutely 1000% but anticipation, right? 

That leading to the event. This is where a lot of the, the dopamine, right? This is where a lot of beginners, important things need to be done. 

Done, how you set it up, even when they go to the event. Before they join your virtual event, everything, the emails or text messages. The reminders. 

Maybe you send them a little box, right? With the agenda with some swags getting them engaged, very keen up during the event. 

He's what you don't want to. Do. I said it, teach too much. He's what you do want to do. You need to figure out here, free single objection, that your suspects by half the Audience by half that would prevent him from buying your offer. 

Once you know what those objections are you are creating content. This is a three-day event. 

Each content piece, each story, each speech. Each presentation has to have a purpose. It's not just to teach. 

Yes, you are going to teach you are going to add value. But each little micro segment. They are designed to handle and demolish all those objections. 

So by the time they finish your two-day you through the events. There's only one. Logical conclusion. 

And just to invest further with you to continue the education with you make sense, right? Comment below. So that's during but that's not.

When you're doing an event, how do you get the most out of it? Not just doing that for the audience. 

That's their babies. 50 people at 100 peoples, 1000 was 2,000 people. It doesn't matter.

 What if you actually recorded so you can use that footage. Maybe you could turn it into a product. Maybe you could turn it into a bonus. Maybe you turn it into a highlight. Maybe you offer the recording to the audience, who wants to revisit this again.

Now, can you set up the testimonial booth? At the event so you're collecting testimonials interviewing your best clients and have them share their success stories. 

Now, you can capture them now could you capture photos? So you could use that for social media for future events. 

Can you offer tickets for your next event at this event? You see, there's so many ways you could do this then after the event, right post-event. 

What do you do? How do you follow up? Maybe there are buyers who have not converted. Now, you got to have yourselves. To follow up with them to pick up those additional sales. 

So it's not just during but also after see. Now they are the most excited. They've gone through incredible experience, the minute, they finished the event, the energy slowly. So slowly dies down there. Less excited each day goes by. 

How do you maintain that? How do you keep the momentum going? That's why so important to offer. 

Continue education and additional offers at the event. Maybe sell Mastermind group, maybe some coaching program. Maybe it's your courses, whatever it might be. You got to think about before during and after. 

So, next time when you thinking of doing the event follow this now.

I'm not saying they're going to be one point four million dollars, but this works. This formula is the same formula that I follow to produce a building's ability tens of millions of dollars from doing event. A Of doing events. 

I love meeting with my panties at my clients have. It is a powerful powerful way, not just to monetize, but to create change in people's lives. 

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