Jobs In Ballet Dancing and Broadcasting Media

Majority of the 50k plus jobs out there are primarily skills and expertise-based. Meaning, people who earn this amount or more on regular basis are those that have mastered a specific set of skills that ordinary people cannot do. 

One of the fields where 50k plus jobs are present is in the field of dancing especially in ballet. 

Considered as one of the highest forms of formal dancing, people in the ballet industry such as dancers and instructors continue to earn huge amount of money when they share their skills and knowledge to set of audience. 

Jobs In Ballet Dancing and Broadcasting Media 

If you are one of those inclined in ballet dancing and you would want to earn money through it, then make sure that you have credentials to back you up in this job or career that you have chosen. 

To those who are planning to make ballet dancing either as a professional dancer or as an instructor as a source of income, there are two things that you should prepare for: the ballet school and international competitions. 

Earning your credentials 

Ballet dancers as well as instructors cannot enhance their skills in dancing if they don't go to a reputable ballet school. 

Since the prevalence of ballet tradition in various countries worldwide, ballet schools have been established. 

Now, it can be said that at least one reputable ballet school is present in countries where ballet is popular. 

If you are looking forward to be trained under the best ballet pedagogues, consider enrolling in one of the best schools for ballet worldwide. 

Two of the most famous ould be the Kirov Ballet Company in St. Petersburg and Bolshoi Ballet Company in Moscow, Russia. 

The former is known for its precise training in movements but also because of its meticulousness in music and the latter is acclaimed for its repertory a combination of classics and modern concepts. 

It has also produced grand scale performances as well as the thespian and powerful techniques displayed by the dancers. 

The Royal Ballet School in Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, London, on the other hand, concentrates on English ballet style. 

It is known to produce world-class dancers including Antoinette Sibley, Rudolf Nureyev, Margot Fonteyn, and Alicia Markova. 

The International Dance School in USA aims to give the dancers who are already belonging to the intermediate and advanced levels a rare yet worthwhile opportunity to train under the wing of some of the world's top directors. 

Aside from getting hands on training in various ballet techniques, pointe and variations, modern, jazz, contemporary, and character from the best, the students enrolled here get the chance to join the International Ballet Competition, one of the most prestigious international ballet competitions. 

Aside from being trained and have graduated from reputable ballet schools, people in ballet get 50k plus jobs because they have earned their keep by joining and winning international ballet competitions. 

These are what most ballet dancers dream of because it does not only give them the opportunity for worldwide recognition but also the chance to bring pride to their homeland along with huge amount of money in cash prizes and medals of honor.

Jobs In Broadcasting Media 

One of the fields that offer 50k plus jobs is the broadcasting media. By being a broadcast journalist, one can earn a huge amount of money not to mention all the fame, power, and perks that go along with the celebrity status. 

However, penetrating the world of broadcasting is not as easy as having a beautiful voice or having a pretty face. To become a broadcast journalist, one must be qualified to take on the nitty-gritty of the work and has credentials to back him or her up. 

In looking for broadcasters, the first thing that employer's look for are the skills of the applicant in terms of writing. 

Aside from the good register of the applicant's face and voice while on camera, writing skills are very crucial because this is very basic thing in delivering news. 

Another major consideration would be the credentials of the applicant.

Credentials include a mass communication degree from a reputable school or in the case of those who have previous experiences, the length of years they have been in the industry. 

This is of utmost consideration of some employers because this will help them gauge the skills of the applicant as well as his or her capability.

Getting on air 

If you are one of those who are eyeing for 50k plus jobs in media but don’t know where and how to start, then now is the best time to reflect on your options and what you really want. 

Knowing how much do you really want a career in broadcasting would help you realize all the things that you need to do and endure just for you to land on a certain job. 

Many people are dreaming of a career in broadcasting because they will have instant access to fame. 

The major reason is gaining popularity since they will appear on TV when reporting for news or specific story. 

Although being broadcasters has its perks, it also requires a lot of effort to be able to stay long in the business. 

To ensure that you will be doing the right thing once you are given the break in broadcasting industry, make sure that you enhance the specific skills very well: 

• Talking in front of an audience. 

The best skill that is paid among broadcaster is their ability to talk to people not in groups but as separate individuals. 

If you want this job, you must practice talking to your audience as separate individuals because this is more effective since you lessen the tendency of being boring. 

The best tip when on air is to speak to an audience like how you do it with your family members or friends. 

• Focus. 

Well paid broadcast journalists have developed their great sense of focus. 

They see their audience faces in the eyes of their minds and they have mastered pretending talking to a huge number of people that are not really there. 

Maintaining eye contact is also another form of focus. This can be hard to do while on camera but if you really want 50k plus jobs such as this, you should master this skill early on. 

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